The following documentation is required in NSW when registering for homeschooling:

  • Suggested learning timetable (describes the daily flow of learning)
  • Suggested assessment roadmap (outlines how the level of understanding and learning is to be monitored)
  • Suggested learning sequence (lesson plans and activities to support the learning)
  • Suggested learning resources (curriculum, workbooks, online interactives etc)

Before you register for homeschooling you should have considered all of the above and prepared your documentation. Planning your curriculum requires thought and there is a great deal of information and resources to absorb.

You do have the option of sending in your application without the above documents at the ready and presenting them at your assigned interview. If you are looking to take the hassle and worry out of what is required then you can purchase Isha Soul Seed Education’s Registration Packages knowing that you have everything taken care of.