Birth Imprints

What is Birth Imprinting?

On a physical level birth imprinting can be explained as a memory or recording that is stored or imprinted into the brains limbic system during the 4 stages of coming into being in human form:

Four Stages of embracing our human form

  1. Conception:    Leading up to conception and time of conception
  2. Gestation:       Antenatal/During pregnancy
  3. Birthing:          Perinatal/At the time of birth
  4. Belonging:       Postnatal/Postpartum/After birth

The limbic system is associated with our emotions, memory and how we shape our behaviours. Much research has been carried out regarding the correlation between the ways in which we are conceived, cared for in utero, birthed and nurtured after birth and how these affect the subconscious behavioural and emotional patterns we tend to carry throughout our lives. Our prenatal, birth experiences and first several months preceding birth are preverbal, therefore our energetic and physical bodies store our memories of these times as imprints, deep seeded, waiting for the opportunity to be expressed and revealed. However, they lay dormant until triggered and we are often unconscious of the imprint’s significance to our interactions, reactions and ways of responding to life’s experiences.

On a spiritual or energetic level birth imprinting has the potential to allow us to see our Souls intentions for what Karmically needs acceptance, support, forgiveness or areas of growth, as well as strengths and gifts that can be passed on to others. This ultimately provides space in order to be at peace, harmony and in love with self. Working with your birth imprint creates awareness of consciousness and abilities to ground, centre, accept, allow and the power to choose what you do with it all.

Understanding our own Birth Imprints allows us to fully engage and embody life in the human form. We can learn from our birth stories and embrace opportunities that arise due to our imprints in all areas of our lives: physical, emotional, connections with others and self, attachment, abandonment, learning styles, anxiety, nervous system regulation or lack of, resilience and self-regulation and much more. We gain awareness that our ‘beginning’ was an awakening into our souls journey in this life, and are given clues on how to support and nurture ourselves with reverence, patience and love. 

Whatever we believe to be true during our birthing time governs how we change, adapt, learn and grow in life.

(Robyn Fernance). 

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