Stephanie Banks

I have immersed myself in the art of teaching for over 14 years and believe that instilling a ‘love of learning’ and a healthy sense of self are at the forefront as a teacher. I truly believe that we must be the change we want to see in the children and with this notion I am constantly looking at ways to improve myself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically and in turn this shapes my teaching strategies and ways of being able to nurture children.

I have a deep connection to nature and the connectedness that we all have to it. I encourage children to always find a connection of what they are doing or learning back to nature, the elements and themselves. I feel that this gives them a sense of purpose deeper than that of achieving a grade on a piece of paper and provides motivation to discover more ways of being connected to the world we all live in and contribute to. I often look to indigenous perspectives, not only from Australia but around the world to inspire this in me and the children.

My passion is to inspire children, their families and teachers to honour the journey of learning as an individual life long process, not a grade on a piece of paper. It is my personal belief that being able to connect with the children on a soul level through their birth stories and the potential imprints that they may have is vital. This awareness allows for nurturing and fostering a love of learning and a deeper connection to who they are and their potential at the highest possible level.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Mum to two amazing beings and wife to the most supportive man ever
  • Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood/Education – Southern Cross University
  • Flower Codes Practioner – Heidi Wedd (

What Clients Say

“You’ve taught me more in the classroom in two terms than I have learnt over the past ten years. I’ve watched your fun, respectful, responsive teaching style in awe. I love how you hold space for the kids to have normal, healthy emotions in a sustainable, safe and beautifully imperfect way”.

M. TA, 2021

“The environment that you create is so positive and uplifting, it’s the kind of environment that builds people’s emotional armour, I often think, how would Steph respond”.


“Steph has had considerable impact upon my values as a teacher and has inspired me to strive for excellence in teaching. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for her”.

S Kennedy

“I absolutely adore what you have created for us. I feel so much more in control and I feel so aligned with the way we are going to be learning”.


“If we could bottle you up! Exceptional lady. You absolutely changed our son from overwhelmed school-hater to loving school and being confident, interested and proud of his contributions. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you lit up inside our beautiful boy”.

C Mitchell

I first learnt about Birth Imprints when I met Heidi Wedd from Wildflower Walker. Heidi has many years of experience as a midwife, a homeopath, a herbalist and a bodyworker and has designed many courses that assist you to reconnect and embrace all aspects of yourself. It was through Heidi’s teachings in the Flower Code training that I explored my own birth story and imprints. Through discovering the impacts of my birth and how it has contributed to how I self-regulate, problem-solve and perceive the world around me I knew that this was the missing lens of a teacher in the classroom and as a parent raising my children.

Our birth stories provide insights into our implicit memories and therefore our primal ways of coping. They create ‘the how to parent me’ handbook, a blueprint to how, who and why.

There are many imprints that I developed due to how I was born. Read it here