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I am super excited to announce that I am bringing the wisdom of ‘Birth Imprints’ to Heart and Soul of Wellness this month.
If you are seeking more insight into understanding Sacred Birth Stories, potential Imprints, how to be guided by them and learn from them then please join me for this course.
Over 12 weeks I hold space and share knowledge that will allow you to gain deep insights and understanding of what birth imprints are, how the brains development is influenced by them and, ultimately how it may benefit you or your child’s learning journey on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
You will learn how to decode a Sacred Birth Story, observe and monitor potential imprints and how to nurture them.
What to expect:
Weekly modules that provide knowledge and guidance for each necessary step.
Two personal consultations (one at the beginning and one at the end).
Resources to support your Birth Imprint learning journey.
Resources on how to nurture the imprints in your everyday life.
Ongoing support after the course has been completed for a further 3 months.
Benefits of the course:
Learn to identify imprints and how they can be nurtured and/or changed.
Gain awareness and understanding of how and why we respond and react in certain ways.
Develop creative ways to provide learning experiences that will support imprints.
Gain a deeper understanding of yours or your child’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs.
Personalise parenting to match the needs of your child in order to allow them to flourish and blossom.
This course is currently being offered to 12 people seeking to dive deeper into understanding how and why we view the world. It will commence on the 26th of August and will run for 12 weeks (there will be a two week break in Sep/Oct) meaning that it will conclude on the 25th of November.
The cost is $45 per week, you can either pay weekly, in 4 instalments (5% discount will apply) or in full (10% discount will apply).
To secure your spot please book direct with me by emailing [email protected] or call 0420412655


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