Isha Soul Seed Workshops are designed to support parents, teachers and children to better understand their inner wisdoms and how to connect with their own rhythms and birth imprints. Each workshop is thoughtfully constructed to provide gentle, playful ways to provide learning experiences to support our birth imprints and ways of connecting to the world around us.

Testimonials on how I teach:

“You’ve taught me more in the classroom in two terms than I have learnt over the past ten years. I’ve watched your fun, respectful, responsive teaching style in awe. I love how you hold space for the kids to be able to have normal, healthy emotions in a sustainable, safe and beautifully imperfect way” M.TA

“This practicum has had considerable impact upon my values as a teacher and has inspired me to strive for excellence in teaching. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Stephanie” S Kennedy.

“The environment that you create is so positive and uplifting, it’s the kind of environment that builds people’s emotional armour, I often think, how would Steph respond” Kira

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