Soul Seed Circle – My Birth Weather

We are all born on a particular day, in a particular month and season of the year. Weather and the elements would have been at play during our birth. Exploring our birth weather and the elements that are at play helps us to connect to the natural rhythms of our wonderful world. It also allows us to explore how this affects our own natural rhythms and connections to self.

Have fun exploring what weather was occurring on the day you were born and how the elements (earth, air, water and fire (sun energy too) connect you to the time of year you were born. What questions will you explore about your birth weather and the elements that were at play? And remember if you need help to find your answer go within and ask I Sh A!

Hints for researching your Birth Weather and the elements:

  • What elements (fire, wind, water, earth) created the weather that occurred on my birth day?
  • How can we predict the weather?
  • Is the weather that occurred on my birth day common for that time of year? or was it unusual?
  • How can we read the weather?
  • What are some terms used to describe weather?
  • How do I feel in my body when the same weather like the weather on my birth day occurs?
  • What is my favourite element; water, wind, fire or earth and why?
  • What do I like to do in my favourite weather?
  • How do I like to enjoy my favourite element (watch, draw it, listen to it, play in it, feel it?)
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