Soul Seed Circle – My Birth Moon

Every 29.5 days, the moon goes through eight cycles. Just like the Sun’s placement in the sky can help predict your personality traits. The phase the moon is in at any given time — and the cycle you were born under — has a huge influence on your life, mindset, and mood.

Knowing what the moon phase was when you were born is essential, as it allows you to add knowledge in life. Knowing about predispositions that may be associated with your birth moon may help you take advantage of them, be supported by them, learn and grow from them — or avoid them.

You will need your birth date, time and location to be able to calculate your birth phase moon.

Embrace your birth moon and allow it to assist you to navigate the waters of your life, however they may flow.


Have fun exploring what moon phase you were born in and how you connect to it. Remember if you need help to find your answer go within and ask I Sh A!

Hints for researching your Birth Moon:

  • Where in the moon cycle are you now? Is it near your birth moon?
  • What sign or phase was the sun in at the time of your birth?
  • How do you sleep during the different phases of the moon? Maybe create a moon phase sleep journal?
  • How do I feel in my body at each phase of the moon cycle?
  • What is my favourite moon phase? Is it the same as my birth moon phase?
  • Who else do I know that was born on the same moon phase as me? Are we similar in personality?
  • What personality traits described in my moon phase are similar to me and my traits?
  • What are the plants and animals doing at the different times of the moon cycle?
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