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Homeschool mentoring aspires to empower families to find the best way to teach and assist each child’s learning journey based on individual learning styles, needs and wants. Through regular interactions with a qualified teacher, you are supported and guided on ways to actively engage and monitor meaningful learning.

This homeschool mentor program provides you with many benefits:

  • a weekly check in (face to face either locally or via phone or zoom) for 1 month
  • knowledge and guidance from a qualified teacher.
  • a personalised approach to each child’s learning styles and needs.
  • a safe space to communicate concerns and share ideas.
  • tips and techniques to inspire a love of learning.
  • access to effective learning resources.
  • assistance with monitoring and assessing learning.
  • examples of how to differentiate learning for multiple ages in the home.
  • access to upcoming workshops and courses.

Out of stock

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This is a 1 month (4 weeks) Mentoring program offered either face to face locally on the Tweed Coast or virtually via Zoom.

How it works:

  1. Purchase this Mentor program from my website to receive access to 1 month of mentoring.
  2. An email confirmation of the Mentor program receipt will be sent to you and I will be notified of your order.
  3. I will contact you direct via the email address you provide on checkout to set up a time to connect (we can also chat via phone if you prefer).
  4. We will then work together to schedule a time (either locally or virtual) and relevant information to nurture and empower you with the ‘Art of Teaching’ will be sent via email. Here the mentoring begins.
PLEASE NOTE: 1 month mentoring is free with every homeschooling package, please only purchase this item if you are NOT purchasing a homeschooling package and would only like 1 months worth of mentoring



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