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Honouring your Sacred Birth Story is done with love, compassion, reverence and the upmost respect. There is a two part process, the first part involves you completing a questionnaire that has been developed with the assistance of Heidi Wedd and her many years experience birthing babies into this world as a Midwife. This is sent out to you when payment is received. Once it is completed and returned it is written up and interpreted, outlining potential imprints and suggestions on how to nurture each one, both as a parent and a teacher. Each birth story is individually cared for and takes around 3-4 hours to feel into, honour and complete. You receive a comprehensive guide to what birth imprints are, how they evolve, can be identified and nurtured.

This package also includes insights into your birth moon and information on the importance of honouring your birth moon along side your birth imprints. As well as a medicine bag that you are encourage to fill with what ever you feel you need to support you on your lifes journey; a crystal, feather, stone, flower, herb, affirmation, picture etc.

Once you receive your Birth Story Imprint package you will also have access to a free mentor session on how to navigate your way through it.

May the knowledge we learn from our own birth imprints bring us the positive change the world needs.

In love and light


Birth Story Imprint Package (limited time – Free Postage)

– Birth story interpretation – Potential imprints – How to nurture potential imprints – How to nurture potential imprints in the classroom – Birth Moon Information – What is imprinting – Medicine bag – Mentor session (30 mins)


Disclaimer: The insights provided based on your birth story are not to be used as a diagnosis or prescription for how you are to be or develop into. They are merely a suggested guide and should be used with discernment and discretion.

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