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We are born into a world already occupied by those who have come before us. We are guided by what they think is best at the time. We lovingly assume that the ways of being shown by those who have guardianship of us are the norm. We are taught their ways and yet when we hit a certain age we start to wonder about the things that never quite felt right, looked right? We begin to question our patterned behaviours, beliefs and ways of being. Some would say we begin to take ownership of our inner knowing. We reflect back on the choices we have made, good, bad or indifferent and hindsight becomes a regular state of mind. But what if we could take ownership of our inner knowing earlier? What if we could teach our children to consciously walk through life with a ‘guiding map’ of the lessons they have been called to learn for personal growth and insights into how they can remove the conditioned patterning that no longer serves their highest good? Would you want the opportunity to gift this to them?

Ruldoph Steiner believed that “Our aim is not to touch the spirit but to let it be awakened”. When we impose our own thoughts, beliefs and generational patterning onto our children we forget that they are their own being and must be allowed opportunities to explore what that means for them. Yes, guidance and nurturing is needed in the formative years, as our brains slowly switch on areas such as the prefrontal cortex (which controls our executive functions and does not begin to switch on until the age of 4ish) are not yet fully developed but what if you could guide them based on what they are unconsciously seeking and support them on a more personal soul level of awakening to the world?

If we were able to see each other on a deeper level think of the possibilities! We become more aware, understanding, compassionate, patient, flexible, accepting, we become more loving. This is what Isha Soul Seed Education aims to achieve.

Our birth story is a gateway, a guide for us to use as a navigation tool to learn from and grow with.

Examples of how our birth story can assist us to understand potential imprints may look like this:

Being born past my due date means I may have the tendency to:

  • Sense that there is not enough time to do something or to develop the way I envision or planned.
  • Delay completing things that are needed to be done.
  • Have the ability to determine if something is not right and therefore make sure to avoid it, Or, determine if it is really right and then seek it out or want to stay immersed in it.
  • Become frustrated or confused easily if not given the opportunity to assess if it is right or not.
  • Delay you or others by sidetracking you into thinking about or doing something else.

Things you can do to assist me if you notice these potential imprints:

  • Use words like ‘when’ instead of ‘have to’, for example ‘when you finish brushing your teeth, then I will read with you’, or ‘when you finish your homework, you can play’.
  • Help me rationalise best case and worse case scenarios and how I feel about both. This will assist me to understand my own intuition and learn to trust it.
  • Ask me to feel into if it is for my highest good or that of others and if so, encourage me to stay focused and on task. It will also allow me insight into whether or not my ego is driving my need or my higher consciousness.
  • Have strategies in place to accommodate my own timing because I may need extra time or need or want to spend more time on something, particularly if I know it is the right thing to be doing.

Being born with my mums conditions of stress and concern due to trauma I may have a tendency to:

  • Become anxious if I perceive that things are not going right.
  • I may focus on what negatively could go wrong instead of what is already going well and how it could continue to do so.
  • May feel that it is my responsibility to police situations to try and prevent things from going wrong or in order to protect people.
  • Seek out drama in order to try and fix it.

Things you can do to assist me if you notice these potential imprints:

  • Read me stories about optimism and remind me that keeping an open mind and inviting joy into my life is a more natural state of being for me.
  • Teach me how to focus on the love of being together not the fear of being apart. You could create something with me like a special painted rock or a love letter, where you have the same one as me or we have half each, so that when we are apart, I still sense our togetherness, connectedness.

In the classroom these may mean that the child needs:

  • Differentiated activities and the opportunity to explore different ways of completing a task
  • More time to complete tasks
  • I love to feel like I am the nurturer but really would love to be nurtured, offering to do a job for me at times will do that
  • Space to try things for myself first, but to know that I am being supported
  • Simplified tasks
  • Chunked instructions
  • Opportunities to switch off (a place to retreat)
  • Assurance in the playground that I am not the one on duty and that someone else is looking out for everyone
  • Have a learning goal vision board
  • Lots of positive “I can do it” phrasing
  • Strategies I can use when feeling things are too hard or I want to give up: take a breath, drink, positive affirmation etc.
  • Somethings I may not think I need to learn, so I won’t want to waste my time on it. You will need to explain to me why it is important to my way of being so that I might focus on it
  • Lots of loving reminders that I am safe in the ‘here and now’ and that I have everything I need and am supported and loved.

Disclaimer: The insights provided based on your birth story are not to be used as a diagnosis or prescription for how you are to be or develop into. They are merely a suggested guide and should be used with discernment and discretion.

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