What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a way of life not just an education. The word “home” is not limited to the physical place you live in but includes where you find joy and engagement in the learning process. For most families who choose to homeschool, their ‘schooling’ involves being out and about each day, actively seeking and engaging with the rich resources available both through nature and community interactions.

Essentially homeschooling is family focused and involves a loving commitment from parents or guardians to nurture a love of learning in their children no matter where they are or in what they are doing.

In Australia, there are currently over 20,000 children enjoying their learning journeys at a pace that is individually suited to them through a multitude of homeschool platforms.

How Isha Soul Seed Education aspires to assist

Isha Soul Seed Education provides flexible learning sequences for each stage of learning (currently based on the NSW Curriculum). These programs are designed to guide families through all the different areas of learning that the current education system expects to be taught when homeschooling.

The flexible learning sequences provide the ‘what’ in terms of learning outcomes, with suggestions on ‘how’. Each flexible learning sequence assists to intrinsically motivate the children to engage in their learning using ‘I can….’ statements across all Key Learning Areas.

Assistance with the registration process is also provided and a follow up mentor program available that offers ongoing support and ways to bring the ‘art of teaching’ into everyday interactions.

How to register for homeschooling

How to register for homeschooling differs amongst Australian states and territories. When registering to homeschool your children it is important that you consider the requirements of the state or territory you intend to provide homeschooling in.

Most state or territory registration processes will require the following:

  • a suggested timetable that outlines intended learning.
  • a suggested assessment road map that outlines the ‘what’ and ‘how’ you intend to monitor the level of understanding and learning achieved.
  • a list of resources to be used to support the learning.
  • a guide of activities and methods/strategies that will be used to support learning outcomes.
  • a designated learning space in the home.
  • an interview with a representative of the state or territory you are applying in.

What is Homeschool mentoring?

Isha Soul Seed Education has developed a mentor program that aims to nurture individual families during transition into homeschool life and beyond. There are many reasons why families choose to homeschool and everyone’s learning journey is unique.

Homeschool mentoring aspires to empower families to find the best way to teach and assist each child’s learning journey based on individual learning styles, needs and wants. Through regular interactions with a qualified teacher, you are supported and guided on ways to actively engage and monitor meaningful learning.

Benefits of a homeschool mentor program

Being a part of a homeschool mentor program provides you with many benefits:

  • knowledge and guidance from a qualified teacher.
  • a personalised approach to each child’s learning styles and needs.
  • a safe space to communicate concerns and share ideas.
  • tips and techniques to inspire a love of learning.
  • access to effective learning resources.
  • assistance with monitoring and assessing learning.
  • examples of how to differentiate learning for multiple ages in the home.
  • invitations to community workshops and courses.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register for homeschooling?2022-04-18T14:49:22+10:00

In Australia it is a requirement by law that school-aged children be registered in some formal education setting, this includes homeschooling.

How long does it take to register?2022-04-18T14:43:06+10:00

Once you have sent an application to NESA an AP (approved person) will contact you (within 2 – 3 weeks) to make an appointment to finalise the application. However, the process can take up to three months, depending on the time of year you apply (the end of the year and the beginning of the year are always the busiest).

You are not required to send in documentation prior to the appointment although it is often requested by the AP.  If you do choose to send your documentation in make sure you specify that your documentation is private and not for sharing.

After registration is approved it will take about a week before your official NSW Homeschool Certificate arrives in the mail.

What documentation do I need for registering in NSW?2022-04-18T14:38:30+10:00

The following documentation is required in NSW when registering for homeschooling:

  • Suggested learning timetable (describes the daily flow of learning)
  • Suggested assessment roadmap (outlines how the level of understanding and learning is to be monitored)
  • Suggested learning sequence (lesson plans and activities to support the learning)
  • Suggested learning resources (curriculum, workbooks, online interactives etc)

Before you register for homeschooling you should have considered all of the above and prepared your documentation. Planning your curriculum requires thought and there is a great deal of information and resources to absorb.

You do have the option of sending in your application without the above documents at the ready and presenting them at your assigned interview. If you are looking to take the hassle and worry out of what is required then you can purchase Isha Soul Seed Education’s Registration Packages knowing that you have everything taken care of.

How long am I registered for?2022-04-18T14:40:14+10:00

If you are just starting out, NESA will only consider initial registration approval for a 6 to 12 month period. At the end of the initial period, you will then have a follow-up interview. Once NESA is satisfied with your homeschool education practices, you may be re-registered for up to 2 years at a time.


Is parttime Homeschooling an option in NSW?2022-04-18T14:26:30+10:00

There is currently no option that allows you to homeschool part-time in NSW. However, you may seek advice directly from NESA and the Department of Education to discuss your specific circumstances and needs for your child or family. There have been cases where a part-time homeschool program has been approved in collaboration with a formal school setting to meet the needs of the child.

Do I need to wait for approval before starting to homeschool?2022-04-18T14:18:01+10:00

In NSW it is a requirement of NESA that if a child is already attending a registered school then you must wait until your homeschool registration is approved. However, there are exceptions that may allow families to begin their homeschool journey before the homeschool registration has been officially approved. This can be for several reasons that meet NESA’s Exemption from School Procedures Policy.


Can I register to Homeschool if travelling? Which state will I have to register with?2022-04-18T14:23:24+10:00

There is no policy excluding homeschoolers from travelling. In NSW, NESA’s preferred method of schooling when travelling is distance education. ‘Distance Education’, means that you are still registered with the Department of Education and they provide all learning content (curriculum) and scheduled, compulsory, interactive classroom sessions. This can be very restricting whilst travelling as you would need to schedule your daily routines around these interactive sessions.

If you would like more flexibility with how to nurture learning and not be guided by the ‘Distance Education’ prescribed curriculum then the easiest way to register with travel in mind would be to apply for homeschool registration at your fixed address prior to travelling.


What if I am refused registration?2022-04-18T13:54:27+10:00

A small percentage of people do get refused NSW homeschool registration. This is usually due to court orders, being unavailable for the assessment visit, or being ineligible to apply in the first place. Only 0.19% were refused because they did not meet the requirements. If you are refused it is best to follow the advice based on the refusal and work directly with NESA to work out a suitable outcome that is in the best interest of those you are wishing to homeschool.

What costs are involved to homeschool in NSW?2022-04-18T13:52:01+10:00

In NSW homeschooling is free to apply for and register. However, there is no payment scheme or funding to assist you to homeschool. You may be eligible for Centrelink payments such as Newstart (with a no work exemption) and the Isolated Children’s Benefit Scheme but will need to seek advice from Centrelink direct to determine if you are.

There are costs associated with the type of curriculum you wish to follow and the resources you use to support the learning of this curriculum. It is completely up to each individual family as to how much or how little you spend on nurturing the learning journeys in your home.

Do I need to buy a curriculum? Or can I make up my own?2022-04-18T13:46:06+10:00

You will need to have an educational plan that demonstrates to NESA that you are aware of the teaching cycle and things that are necessary and important for children to learn in order to support their growth and development. You are free to use any form of schooling methods in order to achieve this (Steiner, un-schooling, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Eclectic education, Classical Homeschooling etc). Isha Soul Seed Education Flexible Learning Sequences provide the ‘what’ to teach all the while encouraging and allowing you to use your preferred teaching philosophies and methods to nurture the learning journeys in your home.

What subjects do I need to teach?2022-04-18T14:50:39+10:00

Below is a list of Key Learning Areas  (KLA’s) that NESA expects all children to be taught in NSW.

Key learning areas in primary aged children are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and its Environment (HSIE – history, geography, economics, and civics)
  • Creative and Practical Arts (visual arts, drama, dancing, and music)
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE – health information and physical education)
  • Languages (This is an optional subject for homeschoolers).

Key learning areas in high school (7 to 10) are:

Compulsory Subjects

  • English
  • Science
  • Math
  • HSIE (history, geography, economics, and civics)

Elective Subjects

  • Creative and practical arts
  • Languages
  • Design and Technology

You choose which 2 elective subjects you wish to study.

There are also ‘Cross Curriculum Priorities’. These are themes that are meant to be reflected or embedded into each subject.

  • Sustainability – which is mostly environmental issues.
  • Australia’s place in Asia
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history

The Flexible Learning Sequences offered by Isha Soul Seed Education cater to all of the KLA’s and ‘Cross Curriculum Priorities’ so that you can spend more time creatively inspiring the love of learning in your home.

Do I need a Diary Or Timetable?2022-04-18T13:37:04+10:00

You do not need to keep a diary or timetable. However, you do need to have a record of learning. Isha Soul Seed Education’s Flexible Learning Sequences can be used as a record of the learning that takes place, you just sign and date the document as the learning takes place.

Will my child be eligible for a High School Certificate if they are home-schooled?2022-04-18T13:35:50+10:00

If you choose to homeschool for years 11 and 12 unfortunately your child will not be eligible to receive a formal High School Certificate (HSC). However, alternative courses of study may be taken to achieve a HSC equivalent qualification. Thousands of homeschooled children have gone on to attend university by completing alternative course pathways.


Will homeschooling limit options for University?2022-04-18T13:32:18+10:00

It is absolutely possible for homeschooled children to go to university after obtaining a HSC equivalent qualification.

Depending on the motivation and aspirations of your child they may be eligible for entry into university earlier than expected based on a traditional 12-year school cycle.

What if my child has special needs?2022-04-18T13:28:51+10:00

NESA allows you to adapt your curriculum to suit your child’s needs no matter what they are. Many families opt to nurture their child’s learning journey needs through homeschooling.

Registration Packages

What we offer

Feel free to explore Soul Seeds flexible learning sequences and homeschool registration packages below. Each one collated to inspire and support a love of learning at a pace that is best suited to your family’s needs and wants.

When you purchase a package, you will receive an invitation to complete some personalised details for registration purposes. A time will also be made to personally connect, and a mentor session arranged. All packages come with a month of mentoring to assist and nurture your family into homeschooling

A testimonial from a first-time Homeschool parent:

“Steph has been more than I imagined. I thought I was just receiving a learning sequence but I got way more than that. When I received our package, I was taken back by how much work and thoughtfulness went into it. Her love for this, I could see. This learning sequence in itself took so much stress away from me and had me very prepared for our first homeschool meeting.

Throughout our homeschool journey, Steph has never hesitated to take the time to help me out and I always leave our conversations feeling I am on the right path with her alongside us. It is the exact support that I have needed being a first timer and while ever we are on our homeschooling journey, I will continue to have Steph by our side. She has certainly made this journey that little bit easier and it is refreshing to know that there are so many children who have her as a backbone support behind the parents.

Thankyou Steph for all you have done!”


Soul Seed Homeschool Registration Packages (For parents who have not yet registered for NSW homeschooling)

Soul Seed Flexible Learning Sequences (For parents who have already registered for NSW homeschooling)

Mentoring Programs

What we offer

Homeschool mentoring aspires to empower families to find the best way to teach and assist each child’s learning journey based on individual learning styles, needs and wants. Through regular interactions with a qualified teacher, you are supported and guided on ways to actively engage and monitor meaningful learning.

Frequently asked questions

How can I access your assistance?2022-04-15T13:43:36+10:00

Once you have purchased a mentor package you will have access to 2 zoom sessions a week (day or night session), these are in a small group setting where collaboration, questions and teaching techniques will be shared. A weekly personal contact time to discuss ways in which you seek support will also be locked in. These personal contact sessions will be either in person (if on the Tweed Coast), via zoom or phone call. I am also available via email if you need to send work samples for me to look over and provide feedback on.

Do you help with monitoring the level of learning that is taking place in my home?2022-04-15T13:44:07+10:00

Yes. As a qualified teacher I am able to provide feedback and assistance on where your child’s learning is at and how to nurture it to improve or extend. I also help you to better understand the teaching cycle, how to look for ‘teachable moments’ and assess the learning that has taken place.

Are there payment plan options?2022-04-15T13:51:45+10:00

There are several payment plan options. You can either pay in full or over 4 payments using PayPal. If you still require a personalised payment plan you would need to contact me direct to arrange a direct debit agreement.

“You’ve taught me more in the classroom in two terms than I have learnt over the past ten years. I’ve watched your fun, respectful, responsive teaching style in awe. I love how you hold space for the kids to have normal, healthy emotions in a sustainable, safe and beautifully imperfect way”.

M. TA, 2021

“The environment that you create is so positive and uplifting, it’s the kind of environment that builds people’s emotional armour, I often think, how would Steph respond”.


“Steph has had considerable impact upon my values as a teacher and has inspired me to strive for excellence in teaching. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for her”.

S Kennedy

“I absolutely adore what you have created for us. I feel so much more in control and I feel so aligned with the way we are going to be learning”.


“If we could bottle you up! Exceptional lady. You absolutely changed our son from overwhelmed school-hater to loving school and being confident, interested and proud of his contributions. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you lit up inside our beautiful boy”.

C Mitchell

Need to know more?

Please feel free to contact me with your needs and questions I will be happy to assist you either via phone or email as soon as I can.

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