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This course begins with providing the basics of plant communication and creating sacred space before embarking on a journey into your unclaimed potential as a being here on earth.  With the assistance of herbs and plant spirits, we will begin an exploratory journey into birthing our creative potential (this can be literally a baby, a project, an idea or even to rebirth yourself).

You will gain insights from your birth imprinting and combine that with the wisdom and activation of plant spirit in order to fully align with your sacred purpose in the universe.  And then activate it!

The plant activation pathway as a whole, is ancient wisdom held latent within us all.  Embarking on this journey will be embarking on a soul adventure!

What does that mean?

It means reawakening to who we are, to fully embodying and embracing our individual nature, why we came and what we’re here to do. And to expressing that into the world by sharing our innate and unique gifts.

The more we activate our own fullness by doing this, the more our heart begins to beat in alignment with the earth, with our true nature. And this has a ripple effect not only on those around us, but also on the earth itself.

Walking this path with authenticity, commitment and beauty is to begin to recreate a Sacred Earth.


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