Episode 1 – Welcome

We are all born at a particular time and on a particular day. Each day represents a different aspect of the week.

Discover what time and day you were born on and explore what it all means to you. Remember, if you need help to find the answer go with in and ask I Sh A!

Hints for researching your birth day meaning:

  • Write a list of questions you would like to know about the day of the week you were born on.
  • Think of who you can ask or where you could look for the answers to your questions.
  • Use the worksheet to record your answers or design your own way of presenting or recording your information. You could make a poster, paint a picture, create a newspaper article, make a mini video, act it out, what ever you feel is important to you when honouring the day you were born on.
  • Go on a birth day treasure hunt and find someone you know was born on each day of the week.
  • Write a poem about the day of the week you were born on.
  • Share them with me if you like too. I am always happy to see what you have achieved. With permission from your parents or carers you can send them to me via email and I can share them on facebook and instagram.
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