My perspective on the role of the teacher

I am not here to preach to you, or teach you anything new, I am just here to highlight the importance of what is needed here and now when it comes to the role of the teacher. We need to reconnect and understand how deep we as individuals go, not just from this lifetime but from all the ancestral linages that flow through us and through our DNA. For this is really, really, really significant as to how we progress in this life. So, as a teacher in our current education climate and curriculum how do we support and nurture this and allow time and space for understanding it so that we can continue to evolve as a human race and promote Oneness when educating our children?

It really needs to start with an understanding that our soul incarnates in the womb (the grail) and our journey on this plane starts then. As parents, teachers, community members we all have responsibility, a duty to honour that and to understand and assist each other with this knolwedge. So, what does this look like? How do we facilitate it? This is what we are going to dive into more and see where and how we can implement it into our everyday lives, either as a teacher, as a parent or any other profession for that matter. 

Pathways are infinite, it is the knowledge you find, seek and explore that makes the pathway rich, adventurous, inviting, deceptive, perilous, enduring, but never, never a wasted effort. I have often questioned the reasoning behind why I have struggled to find only one way of knowing or being and that is because there are many. There is no “one size fits all” in life, whether it be clothing we wear, foods we need, medicines we require or the philosophies, religions, ways of teaching and learning that we choose to follow! If there was, we would all be robots and have no FREE WILL!

We each require a different degree of perspective in the collective of Oneness! This is to ensure all parts are considered and accessible, nurtured and cared for – nothing is in isolation! The only way to gain these perspectives is to each play our part in the great weaving of this vibrational energy matrix we call Earth. To which, there is no end, only new beginnings through the extension of the woven web we call life.

Some would say the sole purpose of a teacher is to bring forward new information, skills and ideas to those who are assumed to not know and need it. Then teachers assist the students to gain understanding of this new information, how to apply it and place an importance on it. This is graded and scaled on how this application of information is utilised and the cycle continues……..

But what if we already have the knowledge seeded inside us? What if we come with the infinite wisdoms needed to live and prosper on this planet?

What would be the role of the teacher then?

A teacher would be a care giver, someone who supports the germination of these seeds, allows the seasons and cycles to support and assist in their knowledge sprouting and blossoming in perfect divine timing. No labels such as ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Autism, etc… Just appreciation for the beauty all children bring to the great garden of life.

A teacher’s role would be to fertilise with love, understanding and ways of grounding and releasing the knowledge from within. To create a safe space for them to explore and adapt to their ways of being and becoming. A gateway keeper that provides tools to assist with the germination and blossoming of the seed knowledge. Ways to connect and stay connected to the Oneness of all that is.

I believe we are born into the ‘Garden of Eden’. The children see it, feel it, know it, yet don’t have space to honour it. We must give them that space, parents, teachers, communities alike! Children need to be able to explore, touch, feel, smell, interact, honour, take care of and nurture their world. This is an intricate part of returning to the Oneness matrix, the web of life that we are all here to participate in. Children need a sacred, safe space to find and tune into their soul purpose from a young age in order to discover their part in life. Each is different to the other, yet equally important. There is no need for competition, only ‘Community’. We are all the custodians and caretakers of the lands, waters, animals, air and each other – brother to brother, brother to sister, brother to mother, brother to father, sister to mother, sister to father, sister to sister and so on…. The role of the teacher is to not suppress or deny this but to pass these wisdoms on with truth, integrity and reverence.

As teachers we are trained and taught to focus on the mind and how it works, the brain, the child’s development on a physical form. And then we are also taught to consider the emotions, how they are supported, nurtured and guided, how they are even self-regulated, how the children’s resilience is being strengthened and supported. But what we forget to do and consider, is the actual essence, the soul of the child or any aged student for that matter. How do we nurture this? Of course by making sure they are feeling loved and nurtured on a physical level, provide emotional support, and teach them they can attach their thoughts and their feelings, but how do we, as teachers, actually teach to the soul of another? How do we assist them to go even deeper than that and ensure that what and how we are teaching them is aligned with their soul and their soul purpose, their mission, reason for being in the physical state! Religions all around the world focus on the trinity; the body, the mind and the spirit (soul), so why are we not focusing on that in schools? And I am not referring to indoctrinating them with a religious philosophy. For a long time, we have viewed spirituality as a personal path and it absolutely is, there is no one way, nor should there be to find our own connections to enlightenment. But isn’t that what our current education system does? Box us in, categories us by ways of academic achievement and social status? How can we shift towards teaching and nurturing our children’s (students) spiritual growth in the classroom without controlling it?

There are certainly ways we can teach how to recognise what our soul mission is, why we have come here and what lessons there are that we need to learn. If we teach how to become aware, have an idea on how to recognise and how to speak to our students, the children, on a soul level, not just on a mental or emotional level, I truely believe, that this is where real learning takes place. That is where the ‘knowing seeds’ that are already inside us start to flourish and grow. It is not ok to just teach the body and mind, we have to support the soul as well, teach the children how to tap into their soul and listen.

Sure, we can plan lessons that have individual education outcomes for each student, we differentiate, we make adjustments but that is all on a physical and mental level and perhaps with behaviour support management plans we are attempting to support those connections between the emotional and the mental, but we are not supporting the soul! So how do we do that? What does it look like? What does that mean for teachers in the 21st century? Well, that is what I am proposing to guide you back into the knowing of, some of you probably already know this intuitively, some of you probably already know this intrinsically, some of you probably apply these kinds of attributes to your lessons every day anyway without even knowing it, some of you will be doing it mindfully, consciously, so it is not something new, but it is something I am passionate about, that I want other teachers to become passionate about too. Because when you actually start to teach the whole being, that is when the real magic happens and it is so important to be connected on that level, so that the students do feel seen, worthy and heard and with that soul connection they then start to flourish. My dream is that the soul layer of the student is part of our planning, our programming, part of our way of honouring the ‘Oath of the Teacher’ so that we can ensure that we have these beautiful souls spreading their wings and learning to fly faster, I don’t mean ‘accelerated learning’ what I mean is enjoying their journey through life, awakening them to their soul journey so that they can enjoy their journey through life from the start (understanding that they have more than just ABC, 123 lessons and that all is well if they honour their soul journey too). 

As children, we are free spirited and connected at that time and that is why it is so important to ensure that they don’t close that door, they don’t close it off and shut it out (soul connection awareness) and switch it off as we do once those neurological pathways in the physical body start to change and they do! When children come to the completion of their first seven year cycle and turn eight, and this is documented in many science journals, by biological, neurological scientists (it is nothing new), they start to conserve energy. The brain is such an amazing tool, as it finds the need to conserve energy it looks to things that are no longer needed or have never been ignited, activated and puts up road blocks, locking away, trapping certain seeds of knowledge. And that is why I talk about knowledge being seeded inside as from the time we are born (beyond this, embedded in our DNA, our atomic essence from the time of creation), because it is, it is all locked away in this beautiful soul based bud, that arrives into the physical body (our limbic system) once the soul is incarnated into the body. This might go against your belief system or your religion and that’s ok, but it doesn’t go against the ideology that there is a trinity that is spoken of across the lands, across the world where we have to consider and ensure that the body, mind, spirit is all in alignment, as the common theme goes; once that alignment takes place, all things flow.

This is it, bringing the awareness back of how important it is to nurture the soul, not just the body and mind of a child (student), nor just through the use of Individual Education Plans or Behaviour Support Plans but through the use of connection, connection to soul, connection to soul purpose. It is about getting the students to understand that they have meaning, they have purpose and it is our responsibility to ensure that they realise this, that they are special and unique and their journey in this world is not in vain and that science, maths, literacy, learning how to read, write, tie your shoelaces, tell the time, are all important but it is not the most essential learning that they need to understand in this learning journey. The most essential things they need to understand is that everything happens with purpose and how to support themselves on their soul journey and their connection to it all.

So looking at it in a classroom when you are wanting to support them and find out what their educational needs are don’t just consider their academic, behavioural, social or emotional learning needs but also their soul nurturing learning needs. To be able to do this we have to understand the enormity of the connectedness with everything that is here on this planet, in this planet, around this planet and of this planet and once we understand that and how we fit into this matrix we realise that we all have a part to play. My part is to actually put it out there that we all have a part to play and through the information that I have received and the support that I have had and the insights that I have gained on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level is what I am bringing to you today. I am sharing with you, so that you may take this away and go ‘you know what I do support academically, I do support behaviourally but there is still something not quite right with this student, there is still that lack of joy or there is still that fear or something”. So how do we find that missing essence from within and turn it around and turn it into that joy and positivity and willingness to want to keep going on their soul journey, to find themselves and their purpose. This is not about adding an extra layer, I know teachers are time poor, there are already a lot of amazing resources out there. What I am presenting here to you is a way of connecting the dots with what is already out there and what you are already doing and how you can create a deeper awareness of the connectedness you have with your students and honouring the significance you play in nurturing their soul purpose and path. 

Next time……………We will explore the use of Birth Stories and how we imprint at birth in the classroom.